Days of old and days of new, folks are enjoying diving, boating and fishing from the Timbercove boat Landing and Campground.


Whales on a sunny day.

Dave and Rob with an Octopus 1995

Steve Ramirez with a large Ling Cod circa 1980s


Dave and Martin's rig on the bluff.

Dave's rig at Saul's camp.

Timbercove View


Dave with a days' catch.

Steve Ramerez, senior and Jr. with spear-fished Ling Cods.

Summer of 2015

"This Ling was 32 lbs. taken from a depth of 85/90 ft at Cemetery Reef".


Timbercove Boat Landing



For reservations call 707.847.3278

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Timber Cove Boat Landing & Campground